Friday, March 26, 2004

I've been snowboarding again today. The last time this year probably. But I made quite a bit of progress so I can quite easily see myself surfin the precipitation once again some time.. I went with the crazy Finn in my class, Tapsa. He's nuts. I feel quite surrounded by people who are slightly but very visibly eccentric. Maybe its a Norway thing. There was a guy snowboarding in a suit. He wasn't eccentric, he was just cool of course, but I guess my point is its comforting to feel relatively normal among your friends. There are times when stuff happens here that is so unexplainable and apparently irrational that it makes me for a rare moment take a little pride and appreciation in my English upbringing. Its not that I'm ashamed of little britain, (this is an issue I perhaps have tried and failed to explain to some of you guys before), I'm beginning to refer to my attitude to britain as a country as 'indifferent', but I'm surprised and happy when occurences might suddenly make me think of british attitudes as pretty 'well formed' for want of a better phrase. This is a strange monologue. Anyway, there's a lot of mileage in the opinion that going away makes one, whether one likes it or not, more patriotic and less liberal rather than the expected vice versa. If patriotism is eked out of me, there must be something in that opinion.

Time for a picture.

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