Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Gig Review: Low

Well, so much for resolutions. I've been to quite a few gigs since Battles and haven't written anything about them. Here's what I wrote to my friend Nick about the Low gig on May 2nd at the ABC. My Latest Novel supported:

I enjoyed My Latest Novel more than the last time i saw them(which was the first) i think they've got better, Paul's calmed down a bit. They played better and the songs were more consistent. I love that loud acapella stuff, its really striking. There's a fairly dark thing to the lyrics i think which i'd never noticed before.

I donn't know Low all that well, just have a couple of albums but really like Trust. It was a nice gig in general cos its so subtle and down tempo everyone was so quiet and attentive. Its a shame the drummer and bass player looked so bored at times! They make quite a noise for a three piece, despite playing very few notes - it was a real lesson in subtlety and craft - the quy was hardly touching his guitar strings - just exciting them at the specific volume
he wanted. A well spent evening, I think.

Went to see Radiohead at Blackpool (Empress Ballroom) on Saturday. Still mulling it over somewhat, deserves a more extensive review probably. Mind you, there are plenty of other so-called reviews on the fansites already, and some live bootlegs.

Friday, May 12, 2006

My proposal to mysociety

mysociety have called for proposals for their next democratising web application, so I put one in to do with strengthening micro-communities, such as that which should exist in our close here in our Glasgow tenement. Please have a read and leave any comments there.

St. Georges Cross graffiti

st georges cross
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by Gilly.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Create Commons reaches Earth Sciences?

It seems that the whole freely shared information thing may be reaching the geologists of the world. I always thought that designers were progressive types of people so I wasnt particularly surprised that my co-host, original author and creator of the sound (and blog) proclaimed that information should be shared freely in an 'open source' way but to hear it from geologists, a naturally retrogressive bunch (we look for things that are very old to explain things that are very new...), was very surprising to say the least...

Apologies Spherical if I have mis-quoted you or used the wrong phrases, I profess I have but a simple understanding of open source and creative commons licences... I could tell you a thing or two (literally) about rocks though!

"Earth-prints Open Archive aims to satisfy the increasing demand of fast, up-to-date, easy-accessible, and free-of-charge sources of information in all branches of Geosciences.

It allows earth scientists to deposit electronic documents into its collections and to index them by subjects and keywords. Earth-prints provides a time-stamp to all deposited materials to insure precedence rights to original ideas and scientific results. It deals with copyright issues through Creative Common standards that offer a wide variety of licenses. All deposited material is made immediately available to the public.

Collections include different kinds of documents, such as pre-prints, manuscripts, published papers, conference materials, books, book chapters, posters, theses, Web products and databases.

Have a tour into the many features of Earth-prints. Visit our website and explore the Open archive capabilities."

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

New photos on Flickr

George and Aby
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such as this of George and Aby, some from Skye, some from Loch Lomond, some from Anstruther.

Monday, May 01, 2006

All sorts of wonderful geographic data

"Global-i is a 3-dimensional interactive globe that displays information about the world in your browser. The Earth can be rotated and inspected and displays can be changed to see information in the most appropriate form." from Core77