Monday, January 24, 2005

Another great photo blog to feast yer eyes upon:

Express Train

Thursday, January 13, 2005

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A very well kept Glasgow blog. You may or may not find things of interest. Plenty of pics.

A new candidate for visuals? I really like these New York pinhole camera photos, what do you think? Good mix of London and NYC too.

Basically I'd like to link to most things I find through Jason Kottke (left, mumblings). worth checking out, normally his leftover links are better than his posts..

Gilly is back on the blog.

Its been a while, for obvious festive season reasons. One exam left now, my last ever. hopefully. Well, Its not like anyone resits their final year, do they? I son't think I'd want to anyway. Once is quite enough, whatever the result. Lasers and Optical Systems, the only thing between me and doing something interesting/useful/what i came to uni to do.

New year's res: get on top of the web thing again.