Thursday, September 29, 2011

JWC at the DBL

One of two videos from a recent outing with Jonnie Common to the Diving Bell Lounge:

L@tDBL - Jonnie Common - Shogun from Precious Productions on Vimeo.

Jonnie's excellent recent album is listenable and buyable here.
I cemented a rock solid professional reputation by fucking up two takes royally before getting this, still ropey performance, improved endlessly by some delightful cinematography by Extreme Man, Richard. Eg. here is Richard filming himself kitesurfing.

Enjoy, Roy


I've just read the caption for this video on vimeo, presumably written by Richard or Jolene, with much amusement! If it is Richard, we are clearly regarding each other with similar suspicion, me of him being some kind of superman, and he of me being a potential architect and assassin. One of those accusations is true, and the other is sort of true, see if you can work out which.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Enez live video

Stu put up this film recently from the Enez gig at St. Andrew's in the Square in May. For those that missed it, enjoy!

Jag tänker så titt from Stuart Macpherson on Vimeo.