Monday, May 14, 2012

Keith's Dad's Ghost Offers Some Help With The Gardening

   Keith was about to mow his mum's lawn when his dad appeared. This was peculiar because Keith's dad had been dead for twelve months now.
   "Savour every moment," said Keith's dad. Keith looked at him, stunned.
   "Savour every moment,"
   "Right... How are..."
   "And don't mow in that pattern," Keith's dad continued obliviously, "it looks better long ways."
   Keith maneuvered the mower around by ninety degrees and started mowing. He kept the apparition in his peripheral view.
   Some minutes passed.
   "Always follow your dreams!" shouted Keith's dad over the drone of the mower. Keith looked at him.
   "Reach for the stars and follow your dreams!" shouted Keith's dad, "and make sure you use the RCD on that mower cause you know what you did to Uncle Archie's hedge trimmers!"
   "Why are you here?!" shouted Keith. Keith's dad did not answer. Keith continued to mow, up and down.
   "Never deny love!" shouted Keith's dad." You never know when it's coming and it's always worth it!"
   Keith nodded.
   "And make sure you weed before you cut the grass, and pull them out by the roots, else they'll only come back!"
   Keith stopped mowing and started weeding. The weeds were fragile and many, and the roots tenacious in the hard ground.
   "Always stand by your beliefs," said Keith's dad. "If you stand for nothing you'll fall for anything." The sun was setting. "And you really should mow the front too before it gets too dark."
   Keith got up and started the mower again.
   "Always tend to others first! And keep the garden tidy!" Keith was on the last length of the lawn. "A well tended garden will tend to you in your salad years!"
   Keith let the mower die down, looked up and opened his mouth to speak. At which point Keith's dad's ghost promptly vanished.