Saturday, December 15, 2007

I've been published!

Well sort of - in a very roundabout, lazy way. is a tourism site with info about Glasgow that they cull from various commons repositories, hence tehy came across my Flickr photos. Its nice to get some recognition!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Guinness Cake by Dave Green, 1ACAOC

I am hearby restarting the cake reportt in blog form, having been inspired by Dave's cakular offerings last night. We shall have a strict protocol to any cake report, that is:

Title must begin with the official cake title, followed by attribution to the cake author, whether it be man or corporation. Following a comma the cake rating will be displayed according to the official cake rating scale as we pioneered in NYK, where we shall use the Chocolate And Orange Cake from Peckhams as our benchmark against all other cakes are judged. Hence the use of the acronyms ACAOC (after chocolate and orange cake) and BCAOC (before chocolate and orange cake). These are to be used as if one were reading the cake chart as a list, BCAOC signifying a cake that is better than chocolate and orange cake and ACAOC signifying one that is less good. The number signifier preceding said acronym relates to what degree the cake in question is better or less good than the CAOC.

So, as an example Dave's Guinness Cake, which I have given a 1ACAOC is approximately 1 less good than the CAOC, so nearly as good, ie. in the chart it would be somewhere just below the CAOC. Got it? good.

The Guinness Cake was a pleasure to eat, bringing with it to the table the same wholesome quality of Guinness, combined expertly with a dense chocolate sponge quality. In fact quality is the one word that sprang to mind with this cake, which was topped with a luxurious cream cheese based topping - something that were I told it before, I would surely have baulked at, however it weass a resounding success and perfect compliment both in tazste and texture to the cake. The one area where I think there may be room for improvement, and hence why it has to come after the CAOC is in the main cake texture - just a little to homogenous in comparison, I think with the addition of some variation in the form of chocolate chips or something, maybe pork scratchings (on the alehouse theme), it could triumph. But an excellent offering and it did inspire me to file the first cake report in about 3 years, so can't be at all bad.