Thursday, September 28, 2006

Google Ads

Don't you just love the 'user targeted' ads that Google puts into gmail?

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Ladakh 06 photos!

I've uploaded my photos from Ladakh. For reference the address is:

I hope you like the gallery. I chose the music myself. The initial view is a bit small though. If you click the bottom left button, you'll get a larger view of the gallery. If you want to turn off the music, which is likely, its the bottom right button.

Enjoy. I will happily give you a more comprehensive commentary if you come round my house.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Bell's Bridge

As you probably know, I have been cycle messengering since about May, and am loving it, although today was rather tiring having been off the bike for 7 weeks. Although I think the altitude in India did me good stamina wise, cos my bigger complaint was my sore bum! Anyway, I like couriering because I get to cycle all over the city and see new bits of it and get paid for the privilege. People say it must also be good for keeping fit, but I think the fumes from idling engines negate any beneficial physiological effects.

Today I did a long run from Temple in Anniesland to Sighthill (well, more like Royston) so I took the canal towpath all the way across teh north side of the city centre. I think its pretty cool that thats even possible. I also was at Bell's Bridge at just the right time to see it turning to let a boat through, which I've never seen before. It was much quieter than I expected, judging from teh condition of the painwork - its obviously better maintained inside than out. Also it was just a case of a couple of guys closing the gates at either end and pressing a button on the main mast around which it rotates - dead simple. It did grind a bit when meeting up with the other bit of teh bridge actually, but other than that very elegant!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

MacKinlay enjoying Calgary sunshine

As you may or may not know my co-blogger and also I'm happy to say lover, er, best buddy, has moved to Calgary. But fear not! This is no reason to impede his Slogging, so while he gets sorted, here are some of his first photos on Flickr.

Valley of Flowers

Originally uploaded by Spherical Roy.
I've uploaded some pictures from the first leg of this year's India trip to Flickr. I have more, but am nearing my upload limit on Flickr so will put up my own gallery in time. Got dust in my camera in Ladakh anyway so they're not that good sadly..

Element Magazine

I wrote a review of the Subtle gig way back in June for my friend Matt who works for Element Magazine and they printed it! Its in the August issue which may be found in selected venues in Glasgow and can be downloaded from the Element website. Its amazing what people will print..