Monday, May 31, 2004

And relax. Thanks for your responses to the good ol' cap.comp., you excelled yourselves, anonymous and Dave.
And so I return to these sloggish shores, ones I have ignored for so long, tempted away so many times from my computer based work but really with nothing at all to say so silence remained.

And so I come to the end of my 3rd year of university education. and it has been. A fantabulous year. I owe much thanks to Neel and everyone else who told me to come, really. the fruits of my recent labour can be found at the following links, although they are a poor representation of my education this year - they're just presentation documents that might give one some idea of what i did.
the drum kit project
the computer modelling (needs flash 6 and links to some big movie files)

And so to some linking:
climbing up the walls (video, but not radiohead) and how to do it. Reminds me of a certain night in Glasgow involving a monkey man swinging from bridge to tree at Charing X and later on some squeezing into the gaps in the st georges cross bridge, and after that trying to gain entry to a house of fun without using the front door.
Urban free running. street climbing. call it what you will but I'm sure we invented it somehow and that Glasgow would be the perfect venue for it so i expect to see you all at training in september. I was just training my wall-run to limited success - not the right shoes of course..
That paragraph will make little sense unless you watch the video. Btw.

So I completed all my exams and presentations (1 and 2 of respectively). Quite successfully too I think and hope. And now a period of severe relaxation (floating, excessive late night partying of sorts, cabin trip with vaclav, sleeping, walking, guitaring, eating well, wandering aimlessly, boat trip, festival, boredom, scrabble, cycling, did i mention sleeping..) is blending into a period of severe stuff to do and packing before my departure on Friday. I continue to probe possibilites of a work placement in the summer, perhaps in Prague, even better perhaps paid work in Prague, and then further into the future, some kind of project to keep me busy next year. And I mean work project not another sideliner of which I have many lined up. Including:
build climbing wall in flat.
build bunk in room in flat.
redo flat.
get a bar in flat.
invent some musical stuff.
make a flute from a carrot (/that ones quite easy)
improve cookery.
start a street climbing revolution.
improve the working conditions in PDE.
start a social scene for PDE.
clean up the garden.
restart NYK.
get back into dBass.
start band with saxophonist Kenny.
play frisbee.
solve transportation problem.
use trnasportation solution to get down to Troon with the kite and buggy.
use transportation solution to build cabin in the wilds of scotland.
and so on...

As I say I need a project for my final year. Answers on a postcard.

I had so much to say and now its gone.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Caption Competition

(your caption here)

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Real life Pacman anyone?

Or maybe just another cool flash site authored by the author of 58hours, the incredible real time Radiohead gigography.