Friday, August 13, 2004

OK, one of the many great things about Slovakia (and I suppose some other countries that I've been in) is the internet cafes. Why? Cos here cafe also means bar and thus one can walk into an internet cafe one morning and catch up on emails while sipping some cool Krušovice. Infinitely more developed culture, I'm telling ya. Not that its the morning, but hypothetically...

Another great thing is kofola. It looks pretty much like coke, tastes kinda like pepsi but spicier. The big dissimilarity between the special k (as I've dubbed it, ignoring references to ketamine) and either of those afore mentioned beverage giants is that special k costs approximately a quarter of the price. The same price as soda water, to put it in perspective. And people drink it like water, along with the several kilos of sugar I'm sure are in it which may explain my recently aching teeth. No fear soon I will be in the land of pivo (eg. budvar, pislner urquell) and I'm sure it will replace the k as my drink of choice.

Thridly, I had some kind of revelation concerning photography today. I am aware that my photos tyhis time round are gonna pretty weird, not at all vaguely holiday snappy as my Europe ones two years ago were. This is because I am on my own this time round. And as a result, I'm not really doing anything interesting. I rely on being made to do things I would never do myself to do exciting things: without anyone else this can't happen. So I just go and search out the things that i want to photograph, which are invariably what i have already photographed in the past, thus causing a momentous lack of anything new. Maybe i can change my ways. The only exception to the rule was Dubrovnik, and I didn't really want to be there that much, which will prove my theory if they turn out good.

I wish I had a digicam. These keyboards have a full US layout on the left of each key AND teh Slovak layout printed on the right hand side of the keys: pretty confusing.

Bring on more haikus!

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