Friday, August 06, 2004

Hello. Its been a while.
Budapest. Previously Belgrade - I stayed with my friend Nenad for what turned out to be 5 days. Was only thinking of 3 tops but he had some very friendly friends and a very comfortable flat and cable TV. And pancakes. Whats a guy supposed to do? And it was very good to talk to someone I know and have an extended conversation.
The previous week had been very long, moving from Dubrovnik to Sibenik, finding nowhere to stay there and going on to Rijeka, staying there for two days, making a trip to a film festival in a tiny roman town perched on a hill called Motovun, moving on to Slovenia and Ljubljana, having a lovely 2 days there, hired a bike and got verx lost in the nearby countryside (my pain was eased by the local priest giving me a little wine from Jerusalem), moving on to the less than inspiring Zagreb, save for some cool fire eating, fire poi and fire juggliness. If only I`d had gaz`s diabolo con fuego...

Budapest is lively, enormous, grand, colossal one might say. There is a big music festival on an island in the Danube which I may head along to today, its only a tenner. I wasn`t that keen on eating today anyway..

Until next time,

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