Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Košice, Slovensk Republik. I think. Friendly, more so than I found Hungary sadly. Getting my feet back after some weariness. Its confuding stuff. Seeing too many places. Why is it that travelling always just leads you on to thinking about other places, other trips? For instace, met a Polish girl on the train, had been trekking in the mountains of Romania. That would be nice, i thought. Why? is it not enough that I'm out here anyway?? gees, i disgust myself. Still, if anyone is up for a walking holiday sometime, I reckon Romania or Croatia or any other relaxed hilly place would be fantaastic. I guess that is directed particularly at any of the family and Gaz, before anyone else gets worried.

Looking back I feel a long way from st. annes, Spain, and Norway come to that, and in fact the last time I did some schoolwork which isnt good for my anxiety. Same old.

Going for a foresty walk. later.

For all your cheap flight needs, skyscanner should do the trick. Awaiting eyesofabluedog update. Speaking of which I read '100 years of solitude' by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Surreal, funny, don't quite know what to make of it yet. Its a sinker inner i guess. Its basically a family history of lots of people with very similar names. And lives in fact. Maybe thats significant. Will get back to you.

Now, bye

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