Thursday, April 22, 2004

Too much to do, too little time. All is quiet on the web at the mo, seemingly simultaneous calls to work for all, bean, dawg, socks. Time for some weblogging however.

Radiohead. New site. tales from the cryptic...

a couple of new pics at theSound but nothing too special, other than my lovely sister in law and brother. Expect more photos over the coming days/weeks if anyone cares.

Claim to fame: Franz Ferdinand rehearsed in the same warehouse where I did with dBass last year. I sense their growing popularity from here without knowing that much about them. Not dBass, Franz Ferdinand. dBass are going strong apparently with a gig in QM planned and one in the soundhaus i think. Imiss it. I'm in line to be playing again come August. Anyway, Franz Ferdinand. They recently edited a n edition of G2 with some vaguely interesting commentary on blogging, though I'm not sure if I concur fully with the views expressed in the article.

Back to work. I miss eyes of a blue dog.

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