Monday, April 12, 2004

Tony has written some kind of pledge to arms in the Observer. Quite well written I think. Composed but scathing in his accusations, overwhelmingly towards the media, particularly the "appallingly one-sided ... Western reporting" and "al-Jazeera, the radical Arab TV station". tut tut tut. We woudn't want that now would we, vicar?

But really, "There is a battle we have to fight, a struggle we have to win and it is happening now in Iraq."? Which movie do you think you're the hero in Tony?

I guess I'm humbled that Mr. Blair has made the effort to come down to our level honouring us with his opinion in the likes of the Observer. Yes thats what I am, humbled.

Vaclav has returned from his Moroccan escapades (czech out his Trondheim pics too).
Particularly typical Vaschek moments: 1 2 and 3 . Sorry I'm not allowed to link to the pics. Anyone fancy a trip to Morocco, the coolest looking place, some time?

I'm back from the enormous trip. It was good. driving, cruises ships, eating, lazing, eating, oohing, aahing, you get the picture. Hence no pictures here.

Snow once again yesterday. We built a snow castle with integrated mini bar for enjoying the Glenfiddich. Thank you Daddy and Mummy and Ayla. Happy Easter Monday one and all.

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