Tuesday, January 13, 2004

I'm loving blogs now. Ah weeel, no work for me this year i guess...

Some highlights from the guardian's blog awards or whatever they're called:
Lurking on the London Underground on your way to work you scour the floor for lost photos, possibly pinhole black and whitesof London, the last of which is nice in design but begs the question, as does the slog, "What's it all for?" Why are these bloggers blogging, what do they hope to achieve, superstardom? Why am I writing this? Its a deep desire inside many to publish to the world, speak your mind for all to hear, yet ultimately remain anonymous for fear of humiliation. Sadly everyone here knows me donæt they? darn. Am i right? At least these people snapping photos, finding photos, travelling underground have some purpose, some mission. Me and gilly are just lost i guess. At least we can take inspiration from these blogging pros and perhaps, one day, people will say, "Roy? Isn't he the guy who said something once?"

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