Monday, January 12, 2004

Hello there.

So the site slowly morphs once again, and should be online soon.
This redesign was brought to you by about 3 months of chin scratching deliberation at various times - on busses, in trains, queuing in the supermarket, and now finally by having pretty much a whole afternoon to devote to the reorgansiation of 3 years of hecticly posted data.

I shall soon be venturing out into the snowiness and skidding my way to another reunion with friends here. Changes in Trondheim? not so much. Noticeably less people in the studio, still the same comfortable atmosphere of very slow work.! Just the typical slow winding up of courses and my deliberation on what to take to do.

Godt nyt år! is how they say it here, and it is indeedy with too dancing gifts from the Dawg:

Numero uno: Coldcut's '70 minutes of madness' CD wihch might not be overrated when referring to itself as ' the best DJ mix album of all time. Sorry, 3 millenia ad infintum, it just aint getting any better than this! hm. It darn good tho

Numero, er, two: Dave Gorman's Googlewhacking adventure. The man is loveable! so imperfect, so cringeworthy at times, so well meaning, so obsessive! Great, cos i like to think his devotion of half a year to the art of getting one hit with a two word search in google will be enough to prevent me doing the same! hopefully. WARNING: googlewhacking can lead to serious time wasting. Reading Dave's book however adds the human dimension which is infinitely more attention worthy.

THANK YOU Gaz! you can be my friend forever.

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