Friday, February 27, 2004

My uncle recently sent me a link to some hubble pictures. They are incredible and i've lost that link but here's some equally impressive visuals from the satellite which I personally have some kind of spiritual connection with i think, mainly from memories of numerous features on Newsround, possibly of the John Craven variant. Sadly, hubble's mission ends in 2010 and becasue of the grounding of the shuttles it won't be decommissioned as such, it'll just decay until someone brings it down. Kinda sad.

My surfing has taken a cosmic theme these last few days due to another spiritual connection I have, this time with Space hero (aka astronaut) Michael Foale, whom I met in Dcember 1990. He has since flown loads of misions to become the most spaced out american ever. In other words, he has the most space flight time of any American astronaut, not the Russians who avergae about quadruple the time in space of the Americans I think. This is all pretty confusing for me cos I could have sworn he was British... Then again we don't have a space program that I know of so I shouldn't complain. Anyway the point is he's been on the ISS since October and yesterday did a rather special spacewalk.

What did ISS Commander Michael Foale eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper in the last 10 days? I hear you cry.. Seems like there is more choice in space than here in Norway...

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