Sunday, January 24, 2010

Inspector Tapehead in album completion shocker.


Glasgow, UK

Hello everybody

Just writing to say that we have well and truly and utterly finished our debut album 'Duress Code'. We have given the tracks we had up [on the myspace] before a rather thorough remixing and also worked away at the fresher stuff, before getting the whole lot (ten tracks altogether) mastered by Jon Astley. We are now putting it about with some hope of getting it released in early summer. Those who have picked up an album sampler from us at a gig, containing early mixes of the first three songs we recorded, may recall us printing an original release date of 'Summer 2008'. Let us assure you all that we will never be this optimistic again.

Anyway, to mark the occasion we are putting up three tracks from the finished article. We hope that you enjoy them and we will keep you posted on any developments regarding the release.

Over and out,

Insp. Tapehead.

Gie us a shot on yer wee friendly indie label mate!


Gareth said...

Cannae believe it! How does one go about getting a sneak peak?

Roy said...

Just on the myspace at the mo I'm afraid, or you can come round my hoose for a wee listening session!

Gareth said...

your hoose it is! March?

Roy said...

You dancer!

Anonymous said...
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