Monday, December 14, 2009

A Euler massage

UPDATE - it turns out that the diagram I previously posted is a Euler diagram, rather than a Venn diagram. Apologies for my ignorance. Here's another handy one to make up for it:

from hand of Roy:

Wyn [of Reith days, from whence NYK first sprang] sent me this extremely useful diagram, having fallen foul of my pedantry:

It's amazing how a good diagram can ease one's understanding. I thought I was pretty up to speed on the whole issue of British borders, but this brought added clarity to the whole thing - it'll will make good recommended reading the next time I have to explain to any newbies how I can be British and English, whilst also coming from Scotland.

It doesn't however help explain why I sometimes have to edit that description depending on the company I'm in. Or how I'm at once one half Scottish, one half Indian and one whole English, yet am just one Briton! I need my own Euler diagram.


Gareth said...

I concur, very nice diagram, and honestly (ashamedly) the whole GB versus UK thing is something I have only learnt since living abroad. If you get around to drawing up a spherical venn diagram (where does india fit? is there an commonwealth circle?) could you draw one of those up for me too? Mine being half welsh, half geordie (surely it's own distinction), fully cumbrian but with scottish and irish grand-parents living in canada? I'm pretty sure that makes me, err, geological-archipelago-of-the-british-isles-ish-eh! Try fitting that on a customs form.

Roy said...

Yeah I was wanting a commonwealth circle in there too! And a fucking great 'delusions of grandeur' circle with the ol' empire in it! Or maybe that should be called 'Come-uppance'.

Will get on to personal venns asap. I didn't know you were half geordie. That makes a lot sense now!

Gareth said...

'Delusions of grandeur' circle. Love it!