Friday, August 10, 2007

200th Post is Black

This is the 200th post to theSlog, and it comes via Padraig!

When your pc screen is all white (like a word page, for example),
your computer comsuption is about 74 Watt. When it's all black, the
average ist about 54 Watt.

Because of this, a few month ago, Mark Ontlush wrote an article
about the amount of energy that could be saved if Google had a black
background instead of white.

Considering the high popularity of the website, according to
Mark, the energy savings would be about 750 MW-Hour per year.
Answering to this post, Google created a black version of it's
search engine named ( ) , that works the
exact same way as the original version but uses less power.
Pass it on to friends, family and discussion list...let's all
give our support to Blackle!!

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