Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Bell's Bridge

As you probably know, I have been cycle messengering since about May, and am loving it, although today was rather tiring having been off the bike for 7 weeks. Although I think the altitude in India did me good stamina wise, cos my bigger complaint was my sore bum! Anyway, I like couriering because I get to cycle all over the city and see new bits of it and get paid for the privilege. People say it must also be good for keeping fit, but I think the fumes from idling engines negate any beneficial physiological effects.

Today I did a long run from Temple in Anniesland to Sighthill (well, more like Royston) so I took the canal towpath all the way across teh north side of the city centre. I think its pretty cool that thats even possible. I also was at Bell's Bridge at just the right time to see it turning to let a boat through, which I've never seen before. It was much quieter than I expected, judging from teh condition of the painwork - its obviously better maintained inside than out. Also it was just a case of a couple of guys closing the gates at either end and pressing a button on the main mast around which it rotates - dead simple. It did grind a bit when meeting up with the other bit of teh bridge actually, but other than that very elegant!

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