Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Gig Review: Low

Well, so much for resolutions. I've been to quite a few gigs since Battles and haven't written anything about them. Here's what I wrote to my friend Nick about the Low gig on May 2nd at the ABC. My Latest Novel supported:

I enjoyed My Latest Novel more than the last time i saw them(which was the first) i think they've got better, Paul's calmed down a bit. They played better and the songs were more consistent. I love that loud acapella stuff, its really striking. There's a fairly dark thing to the lyrics i think which i'd never noticed before.

I donn't know Low all that well, just have a couple of albums but really like Trust. It was a nice gig in general cos its so subtle and down tempo everyone was so quiet and attentive. Its a shame the drummer and bass player looked so bored at times! They make quite a noise for a three piece, despite playing very few notes - it was a real lesson in subtlety and craft - the quy was hardly touching his guitar strings - just exciting them at the specific volume
he wanted. A well spent evening, I think.

Went to see Radiohead at Blackpool (Empress Ballroom) on Saturday. Still mulling it over somewhat, deserves a more extensive review probably. Mind you, there are plenty of other so-called reviews on the fansites already, and some live bootlegs.

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