Friday, November 25, 2005


Hello. Gaz has reminded me of your existence, blog. It is indeed odd at the topsy turviness of the commercial sector lobbying harder than government in this particular area. My apathy says that its not really surprising from this government. the wrong attitude?

Today I have been recording with Adam Beattie. A good day, and chat often returned to general electronica themes and Chris Clark in particular, who, it turns out, Chris the guitarist has met and knows from his childhood days. How odd. I was told about him by Greg, my friend in Minnesota. A long way for a st. Albans lad to go. Chris Clark is playing at the Liquid Lounge here in GLasgow on December 8th, to which I shall go.
Anyway, this was partly why Adam and I were inspired to spend an hour tonight building contact microphones from piezoelectric transducers. The results were interesting, if surprisingly unversatile however.
I also returned to try my hand at a little electronic noise making as I have been meaning to do for ages. The results are here, on the newly rehosted thesound, and were made from the sound of my new printer (thankyou neel!) turning on.

Will you come to our party this saturday?

And have you met my nephew, Rowan?

And have you seen my business site?

So many new things.

lots of love

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