Sunday, May 08, 2005

dBass remixes give preview of the much anticipated demo/EP

I don't know if they count as remixes since the original mix itself still isn't finished. Maybe these are the originals, and the dBass EP if it ever appears will be a remix...

Anyway, Quest (AKA Matt the beatboxer) has interpretated two of our newer songs...

IQ.mp3 which is sounding quite Nitin Sawhneyesque.
MutedMusic.mp3 which sounds nothing like the original Fraser's choon.

These tracks are copyright of Quest primarily and dBass secondarily cos all the playing I think comes from our sessions. Please respect that and don't go distributin' without creditin'.

PS. speaking of the Sawhney, he's playing the Arches this Monday: check it out. further upcoming gigs in Glasgow:
Esbjorn Svensson Trio, 21st May @ Arches, we've got our tickets have you got yours?
Ben Folds, Juneish(?), Royal COncert Hall, ditto
Sigur Ros, July 7th @Carling Academy, cannae go unfortunately.
Any other gigs of note Gaz?

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