Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Today's record 25 emails, plus any excuse to not do work, means that I am purging my inbox. I bring you this from the Joe Bourdet Post Script Archive:

P.S. referring to and earlier email of yours: the expression is
"Bitch, bitch, bitchin" not "bitchin, bitchin, bitchin" not a big
deal. HOwever, I have recently retired "BItch bitch bitchin" from my
lexicon and replaced it with my new favorite, "Poppin' Fresh."
Example: "Yo dawg, those new bell bottoms are POPPIN' FRESH!" Note:
the following sentence should also be accompanied by wildly
exagerated gesticulations of the hands and forearms. and when one
says "Poppin" the person should jump at least one foot off the
ground, but never more than 3 feet.

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