Tuesday, October 19, 2004

The rediscovery continues. Little red boat excels once again in text based humour.

In passing is sometimes good too, exhibiting prime chunks of overheard conversations.

LIttleyellowdifferent is only occasionally funny.

Today I actually succeeded in producing a verifiable macaroni cheese.

Precisely one week ago some friends and I went to see Standing Wave, a play about Delia Derbyshire of the Radiophonic Workshop, the electroacoustic experimental lab located at the bottom of the longest corridor in Maida Vale in the 60s. The play was not mind blowing, as Taylor's Dummies , my only other Tron experience, had been. However I enjoyed the unique structure - the whole story of ten years of Delia's life told backwards, like a spliced piece of tape reeled backwards, starting with the 'decay' and ending on a buzz with the 'attack'. There were numerous references to that intoxicating mixture of science art that is sonic synthesis which, of course, appealed to me endlessly. It must be said the acting wasn't half bad wither, both leads (a young and old Delia) being very convincing, the supporting actor less so, tho holding together pretty well in the faceof the task of performing about 6 different roles. If this play comes your way you do a whole lot worse than to go along. (i remain your understatement king)

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