Thursday, July 01, 2004

Almost a month without posting, but denied that precision..

On being without mobility, that is sans mobile phone:
Some enhancement of lucid thinking perceived.
noticable struggle of some others to cope with the concept. Most manage fine after a short while, but for some it seems thinking outside the contexts of immediate access to anyone is beyond them.
Have been at home a week. Have not displayed any desire for mobile phone. Nevertheless have been offered to borrow, or even the chance to buy myself one (how kind) on no less than 4 occasions. I'm counting. I do not apologise for the curt responses given to such offers.
lack of weight in left pocketses, now free for filling with keys, coins, scraps and sweeties, just like in primary school...

Speaking of which my mum paid a visit to St. Thomas primary school, my ex-school, this morning (on business. Business of being Indian apparently, and thus introducing the little horrors to - god forbid - a culture other than their own that, despite the local paper's best efforts to conceal, is amply represented by the residents of this strange small town. Am pondering just how much parading half my cultural background over a week's events in the school really helps awaken young minds to the reality of multicultural Britain. Obviously celebrating and learning about Indian culture is of massive benefit but part of me, that is the part that experienced this particular primary school for 7 years, part of me calls attention to the point that we used to have these same themed weeks on such untrivial topics as 'the colour red' (in 1st class), egyptians, country dancing,... well thats about it actually. Is this one week extravaganza really a good reflection of what is meant to be a society of intergrated cultures? 51 weeks of straight up white englishness and one week of reality? I guess in an overwhelmingly white english primary school it is.. Maybe my point is not the injustice of my former school but the sickeningly unbalanced population of St. Annes. Or rather, the increasingly diverse, but thus ignored population of St. Annes.)

My penchant for long parantheses continues unabated. Please put me in line.

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