Monday, May 08, 2006

Create Commons reaches Earth Sciences?

It seems that the whole freely shared information thing may be reaching the geologists of the world. I always thought that designers were progressive types of people so I wasnt particularly surprised that my co-host, original author and creator of the sound (and blog) proclaimed that information should be shared freely in an 'open source' way but to hear it from geologists, a naturally retrogressive bunch (we look for things that are very old to explain things that are very new...), was very surprising to say the least...

Apologies Spherical if I have mis-quoted you or used the wrong phrases, I profess I have but a simple understanding of open source and creative commons licences... I could tell you a thing or two (literally) about rocks though!

"Earth-prints Open Archive aims to satisfy the increasing demand of fast, up-to-date, easy-accessible, and free-of-charge sources of information in all branches of Geosciences.

It allows earth scientists to deposit electronic documents into its collections and to index them by subjects and keywords. Earth-prints provides a time-stamp to all deposited materials to insure precedence rights to original ideas and scientific results. It deals with copyright issues through Creative Common standards that offer a wide variety of licenses. All deposited material is made immediately available to the public.

Collections include different kinds of documents, such as pre-prints, manuscripts, published papers, conference materials, books, book chapters, posters, theses, Web products and databases.

Have a tour into the many features of Earth-prints. Visit our website and explore the Open archive capabilities."

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