Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Climate Change

Its been a very long time since I last wrote, but today i feel the urge to say something...

How many Newspaper reports, Magazine articles, Scientific papers and even corporate adverts do we have to read until we do something about, in the words of Sir David King, 'a bigger threat to mankind than terrorism'? You all know what I'm talking about (the title of this entry is a bit of a clue for those who do not), we cannot continue to ignore the efforts of many to make us act and change our ways. We cannot claim ignorance. I challenge anyone to try and spend a week without either reading, hearing or seeing something about climate change. It is by its very nature affecting us all, most probably in more ways than I can think of.

Quite frankly I've had enough of our apathy. When you start to read reports that Big business is pushing for regulations and the government is not providing you have to start to wonder what we are doing as a society. Why are we letting our government get away with this? How has it transpired that those fat cat capitalists are the ones driving a way forward on sustainability? They are starting to embarrass me!

As the above article by George Monbiot outlines there are so many options out there right now to combat climate change, from amazing cooling systems that do away for the need of air conditioning to new virtually silent wind turbines, and my personal favourite Geological Storage of Carbon Dioxide. It's not too late to slow down climate change, a combination of all of the technologies out there would make a definite impact. There can be little argument against the use of renewables and of the energy efficiency technologies but some people seem to be quite happy to argue against geological storage of CO2. In some cases, quite rightly, they point out that more research needs to be done. Why however do we have to rule it out just because we need to do some more work on it? In other cases, they are just plain rude, calling scientists working on ocean sequestration boneheads, repeatedly. That is just the kind of reporting that is so very unhelpful. If we could convert everyone in the world to non-fossil fueled economies overnight, sure, we wouldnt need to look at Carbon storage options, but do we think that is going to happen? No, I dont think so. So let us embrace these technologies and let the scientists prove that they are safe before we go around calling people boneheads.

It is true, however, that none of these technologies will get off the ground unless there is a legal framework and real targets for caps on emissions. So what does Blair do? He says that "the blunt truth about the politics of climate change is that no country will want to sacrifice its economy in order to meet this challenge", thus in one foul swoop paving the way for a catastrophic failure of the Kyoto Treaty.

We need once again, it would seem, to make our politicians listen to us. They arent evening listening to big business on this one for heavens sake. The technology is out there, we need the policy to enforce its use.

Apologies for the rant. I look forward to hearing your thoughts...

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