Friday, April 01, 2005

Make Poverty History

Below is a copy of a letter i sent to the University of Glasgow SRC, in support of the MakePovertyHistory campaign. What do you all think?

Dear SRC Representative,

I would like to enquire if the SRC has any plans to support the Make Poverty History ( campaign. The campaigns manifesto etc. can be found at the website, but in summary is: Trade Justice; Drop the Debt; and More and Better Aid.
It is my opinion that the University of Glasgow is perfectly poised to make a great statement in support of the campaign, especially with the G8 members meeting in Scotland this July.
I wish to see the SRC support the campaign, and help promote it, through, for example, making publicity available and offering white bands for sale on campus.
In particular, if the SRC was to support the campaign, an idea is to wrap the university tower in a white band (as has been done by Reverend Ken Bouillier of the Holy Trinity Church, Nailsea (, on the 1st of July, in support of the national 'White Band Day'.
A serious question that arises from this specific idea would be whether the SRC (and the university) would support anyone who wanted to do this. Does the SRC have any channels that I could pursue to gain support for this action.
Needless to say, such action would create great publicity for a university trying to promote ethical research and development, or promoting any of the principles of Public Life as outlined by the Nolan Committee on Standards in Public life, namely, selflessness and integrity. What could be more selfless or show such integrity as to display support for the ridding of poverty on a global scale. Similarly the publicity created would surely send a signal out to the generation of potential students that the Univeristy of Glasgow is a place of study where moral responsibility and ethical education is promoted.
The London School of Economics has already tabled support for the Make Poverty History campaign ( in the belief that, amongst other things, the international community within their university would benefit from the School's support of the campaign.
This year has be designated as a year that can make history, make poverty history, and I believe that the University of Glasgow can, and indeed should, make a concerted effort to support this.

Yours Sincerely,

Gareth Johnson

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