Friday, November 12, 2004

I had rested my hopes of a more than disapointing november second on the fact that it could never, and would never, happen in good 'ol blightly.

UK music hall of fame results:

(The stones won the 60s and Queen the 70s. Five founding members were already included: Elvis; The Beatles; Madonna; Bob Marley and U2.)

50s nominees: Billie Holiday; Chuck Berry; Ella Fitzgerald; Johnny Cash; Louis Armstrong; Buddy Holly; Cliff Richard; Frank Sinatra; Little Richard; Miles Davis

50s winner: Ciff Richard

I'm sorry, what?!!

80s nominees: Bruce Springsteen; George Michael; Joy Division; Prince; REM; Beastie Boys; Guns n Roses; Michael Jackson; Public Enemy; The Smiths.

80s winner: Michael Jackson

Now in his day he was 'bad' but was he seriously the best out of that bunch. Nevermind, here's where it gets real scary...

90s nominees: Blur; Missy Elliot; Oasis; Radiohead; Robbie Williams; Dr Dre; Nirvana; Prodigy; Red Hot Chili Peppers; Spice Girls.

90s winner: Robbie Williams


Prediction for next UK general election:

Winner: Mr T Blier.

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